Strategy Guide For Pixel Gun 3D

Strategy Guide For Pixel Gun 3D

If you love downloading and installing survival shooting games on your phone. Pixel Gun 3D should be part of your game collection. The game is available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android platforms. Pixel Gun 3D offers customized character vs. horde after monsters Pixel Gun 3d Hack and zombies. You will be able to fight your enemies from level to level, blasting them away as you earn coins and gems. The game is quite fun and interactive. Read on to learn important strategies and features of the game that will be able to help you out.

From the moment you install the game; survival mode or feature is the best way to practice. Apart from practice, one will be able to earn coin the easiest and fastest way. Coins are very important in Pixel Gun for accessory purchase. In Survival mode, the main aim is to survive as pixel gun 3d long as possible after each wave of attack. In the process, you will need to kill the enemy. The best way to beat this mode is through strafing. You can do so by moving in a circle, keeping the game aimed at the zombies, holding down the fire button and moving your firing finger.

A good tip is holding the gun lower, this enables you to have an aim for both the zombies and the crawlers and slugs that appear during the attacks. The damage will be of the same impact, it does not matter where you hit. The important thing to do is to keep on moving so that you are not trapped by the enemy.

On each stage, you will have three goals to complete. Once you complete each goal, you will be able to earn a star. Making sure all monsters are dead will earn you one star. If you kill them as quickly as possible, you will be able to earn another star. The other star will be earned if your kill all monsters without taking any hits or damage. To make it easier during an attack, buy a shield before each round begins.
With this simple guide, you will be able to have a simple time when playing Pixel Gun 3D.

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